How is your financial house?

There is a saying…Money cannot buy happiness.  I believe this to be true. However the other day it was pointed out to me that while that may be true, neither can being poor access happiness.  I had to laugh. There really is not a truer statement. While being rich often equates to a sense of entitlement (at least in my emotional world); it doesn’t have to.

There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling the stress of not making a living. of tossing and turning at night wondering where the money to pay the rent, buy food for your family or keep the lights on is going to come from.  This is where money makes a significant difference in your life. Get out of your own way and clear the clutter.  Know what you have coming in and what you have going out.

Hate budgeting? Join the crowd! Look for my ebook to be released soon. It will help you with all of this and more to live a life that is meaningful to you. A life that has purpose and where there are no obstacles, only possibilities.  It is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a budgeting book. It is about freedom.  Financial and emotional freedom.  I will be offering it free for a limited time on Amazon.  Be sure to check back often over the next week to ge tyour copy!


Spending Freeze Day 2

Hmmm……either I am weak willed (which I have never found to be true) or this holiday time is just really not the time to start a spending freeze.

Today was better – I think. I spent $16.38

I have been looking for a restaurant gift card for a birthday and waiting for a deal and it happened today so I felt that I could not pass it up, hence $14.20 then my step-son’s mom still needed a holiday present and I got a free offer from Snapfish. I just had to pay the shipping. So there went the other $2.18.

These are things I was planning to purchase anyway but the timing is of course, always off.  Regardless I did not spend money on anything that was not already in the plans.  How was your day 2?


10 Day Spending Freeze

I have decided to get a jump start on 2013 which means that I started my bootcamp class a month early and as part of my 2013 financial success plan, I chose to freeze spending for a full 10 days, every 60 days of the year. Starting today, I will be not spending any money for the next 10 days, ending on the 20th. This will be difficult as I am not completely finished shopping but it will prevent over spending.

Here is how day 1 went.

I forgot this morning that it was a freeze day (it is my first time and all).  When I went to pick up my online order, I bought wrapping paper, gum and scented pine cones spending a total of $7.97. I also did not wake up in enough time to make coffee this morning so I went through McDonald’s and bought a coffee for a $1.10. Thus my total spend today was $9.07.  Not off to a perfect start but also not the worst either.  I did make a return and received #27.52 back so at the end of the day I am up in cash but did not fulfill my ultimate purpose.

Once I returned home and remembered I am on day 1 of a freeze, I did empty my wallet and leave my debit card at home. This did prove to be a life saver as the term freeze apparently means the same thing as diet to me…I wanted to buy things that I normally would not. Good thing I left the plastic and cash at home!

I suspect tomorrow will be easier as I will be better prepared. Are you taking this challenge with me? How did day 1 go for you?

Black Friday Shopping

I have not ever shopped on Black Friday and my plan was to do so this year as money is really, really tight and I have heard that the deals are not to be beat. I ended up having to work so I did not black Friday shop in stores but I did do some shopping online. I truly do not have a lot to spend this year so I was very frugal and scoured sites, blogs and FB to get the absolute best deals not falli…

ng for just a deal.  I thought I would go back and add up what I spent. Here is the total of my Black Friday shopping alone.  $18.83 While I cannot tell you specifics of what I got, I will give you a general idea: 5 movies 1 magazine subscription 1 calendar planner 1 face wash 3 candles 2 body washes 1 artist sketchbook 1 tube paint 2 sketch pencils 3 packets of stickers 1 keychain 2 specialty erasers Obviously some of these items are purely stocking stuffers but all in all I think I will do the same thing again next year mostly because it was fun and to give an example I scored 2 Mrs Myers lavender candles for $0.66 total. You really cannot beat that! Did you shop on Black Friday? How did you fare if so?


I am exccited to launch this blog! The purpose is to build a strong community of life-minded people who want to live a simpler, saner life…finding passion and joy along the way.  I will be helping you to organize your home, your finances, and your life. I will help you find great handmade gifts and goodies. I will often pass along great savings and/or links to sweepstakes that I feel are worthy of both our time to enter.  I would love to hear your feedback on what you are struggling with right now. Let us help each other, lifting spirits as we go along.  Enjoy!