How is your financial house?

There is a saying…Money cannot buy happiness.  I believe this to be true. However the other day it was pointed out to me that while that may be true, neither can being poor access happiness.  I had to laugh. There really is not a truer statement. While being rich often equates to a sense of entitlement (at least in my emotional world); it doesn’t have to.

There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling the stress of not making a living. of tossing and turning at night wondering where the money to pay the rent, buy food for your family or keep the lights on is going to come from.  This is where money makes a significant difference in your life. Get out of your own way and clear the clutter.  Know what you have coming in and what you have going out.

Hate budgeting? Join the crowd! Look for my ebook to be released soon. It will help you with all of this and more to live a life that is meaningful to you. A life that has purpose and where there are no obstacles, only possibilities.  It is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a budgeting book. It is about freedom.  Financial and emotional freedom.  I will be offering it free for a limited time on Amazon.  Be sure to check back often over the next week to ge tyour copy!


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