Spending Freeze Day 2

Hmmm……either I am weak willed (which I have never found to be true) or this holiday time is just really not the time to start a spending freeze.

Today was better – I think. I spent $16.38

I have been looking for a restaurant gift card for a birthday and waiting for a deal and it happened today so I felt that I could not pass it up, hence $14.20 then my step-son’s mom still needed a holiday present and I got a free offer from Snapfish. I just had to pay the shipping. So there went the other $2.18.

These are things I was planning to purchase anyway but the timing is of course, always off.  Regardless I did not spend money on anything that was not already in the plans.  How was your day 2?



10 Day Spending Freeze

I have decided to get a jump start on 2013 which means that I started my bootcamp class a month early and as part of my 2013 financial success plan, I chose to freeze spending for a full 10 days, every 60 days of the year. Starting today, I will be not spending any money for the next 10 days, ending on the 20th. This will be difficult as I am not completely finished shopping but it will prevent over spending.

Here is how day 1 went.

I forgot this morning that it was a freeze day (it is my first time and all).  When I went to pick up my online order, I bought wrapping paper, gum and scented pine cones spending a total of $7.97. I also did not wake up in enough time to make coffee this morning so I went through McDonald’s and bought a coffee for a $1.10. Thus my total spend today was $9.07.  Not off to a perfect start but also not the worst either.  I did make a return and received #27.52 back so at the end of the day I am up in cash but did not fulfill my ultimate purpose.

Once I returned home and remembered I am on day 1 of a freeze, I did empty my wallet and leave my debit card at home. This did prove to be a life saver as the term freeze apparently means the same thing as diet to me…I wanted to buy things that I normally would not. Good thing I left the plastic and cash at home!

I suspect tomorrow will be easier as I will be better prepared. Are you taking this challenge with me? How did day 1 go for you?

Black Friday Shopping

I have not ever shopped on Black Friday and my plan was to do so this year as money is really, really tight and I have heard that the deals are not to be beat. I ended up having to work so I did not black Friday shop in stores but I did do some shopping online. I truly do not have a lot to spend this year so I was very frugal and scoured sites, blogs and FB to get the absolute best deals not falli…

ng for just a deal.  I thought I would go back and add up what I spent. Here is the total of my Black Friday shopping alone.  $18.83 While I cannot tell you specifics of what I got, I will give you a general idea: 5 movies 1 magazine subscription 1 calendar planner 1 face wash 3 candles 2 body washes 1 artist sketchbook 1 tube paint 2 sketch pencils 3 packets of stickers 1 keychain 2 specialty erasers Obviously some of these items are purely stocking stuffers but all in all I think I will do the same thing again next year mostly because it was fun and to give an example I scored 2 Mrs Myers lavender candles for $0.66 total. You really cannot beat that! Did you shop on Black Friday? How did you fare if so?